Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus. Travel, Accommodation and Safety Tips.

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Exploring Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus: A Mediterranean Gem

Kyrenia (Girne), Cyprus


Welcome to Kyrenia (Girne), a picturesque harbor town located on the northern coast of Cyprus. With its rich history, stunning beaches, charming streets, and delectable cuisine, Kyrenia offers a truly unforgettable experience for travelers.

Best Locations to Stay

1. Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia Harbour is the heart of the town and offers a perfect blend of history and modernity. With its iconic castle towering over the waterfront, this area boasts a wide range of hotels, restaurants, and shops. Staying here allows you to immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant atmosphere and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Bellapais Village

For those seeking a more tranquil retreat, Bellapais Village is an idyllic option. Located just outside Kyrenia, this charming village is famous for its ancient Bellapais Abbey and picturesque streets lined with traditional stone houses. Enjoy a peaceful stay in one of the cozy guesthouses and relish the panoramic views of the town and coastline below.

3. Escape Beach

If you’re a beach enthusiast, Escape Beach is the place to be. Situated a short distance from Kyrenia, this sandy paradise offers crystal-clear waters and a range of water sports activities. There are several high-quality resorts in the vicinity, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate beach vacation.

4. Alsancak

Alsancak is a popular neighborhood for visitors looking for a resort-like experience. Located west of Kyrenia, it boasts luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and easy access to beautiful beaches. Alsancak is perfect for those seeking relaxation, wellness facilities, and a touch of opulence.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

The estimated daily cost for travelers in Kyrenia can vary depending on your preferences and travel style. On average, you can expect to spend approximately:

  • Accommodation: $60-150+
  • Meals: $15-30
  • Transportation: $5-15 (local transportation within Kyrenia)
  • Attractions: $5-20
  • Overall, budget-conscious travelers can expect to spend around $60-80 per day, while those seeking a more luxurious experience may spend $100 or more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Kyrenia safe for travelers?

Yes, Kyrenia is generally considered safe for travelers. The crime rates are low, and locals are welcoming and friendly. However, it’s always recommended to take standard safety precautions like you would in any other destination. Avoid walking alone in dimly lit areas at night and keep an eye on your belongings in crowded places.

2. What is the best time to visit Kyrenia?

The best time to visit Kyrenia is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the town is less crowded. Summers can be quite hot, but it’s a great time for beach lovers. Cyprus also celebrates various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, making it an exciting destination regardless of the season.

Safety Tips for Travelers

  • Always carry a copy of your passport, travel insurance, and emergency contact numbers.
  • Be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas and keep an eye on your personal belongings.
  • Follow local customs and traditions, especially when visiting religious sites.
  • Ensure your accommodation has necessary security measures in place.
  • Drink plenty of water and use sunscreen to protect yourself from the Mediterranean sun.
  • When exploring nature trails or hiking, inform someone about your plans and take necessary precautions.
  • For emergency assistance, dial 112.

With its captivating beauty and vibrant atmosphere, Kyrenia (Girne) offers an unforgettable experience for travelers. Whether you’re basking on the beaches, exploring historical sites, or wandering through charming neighborhoods, Kyrenia is sure to leave you mesmerized.