Mytilene, Greece (Lesvos). Travel, Accommodation and Safety Tips.

Table of Content

  • City Info
  • Best Places to Stay
  • Must see places
  • Local Foods to Try
  • Estimated Travelers Cost
  • Safety Tips for Travelers
  • F.A.Q’s

Mytilene Travel Guide – Exploring the Gems of Greece

Mytilene, Greece (Lesvos) – A Captivating Island Escape

City Information

Mytilene is the picturesque capital city of the Greek island of Lesvos, also known as Lesbos. Located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea, this enchanting city offers a true Greek island experience. Mytilene is famed for its rich history, charming architecture, welcoming locals, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes that range from lush green mountains to crystal-clear blue waters.

Best Locations or Neighborhoods to Stay in Mytilene

1. Mytilene Town

Staying in the heart of Mytilene Town allows you to immerse yourself in the island’s vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy the narrow streets lined with traditional tavernas, boutique shops, and ancient architecture. You’ll also be within walking distance of popular attractions such as the Byzantine Castle and the Archaeological Museum.

2. Molyvos

Molyvos, a charming village located on the northern coast of Lesvos, offers a tranquil and authentic escape. The village is famous for its picturesque stone houses, winding streets, and the majestic Molyvos Castle that offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. If you’re seeking a peaceful getaway with a touch of romance, Molyvos is the perfect choice.

3. Skala Eressos

For those looking for a laid-back beach retreat, Skala Eressos is the ideal destination. Known for its beautiful sandy beach, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant LGBTQ+ community, Skala Eressos has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Explore the charming village filled with traditional tavernas and bars, or simply relax and soak up the sun on the pristine shoreline.

4. Plomari

Plomari, situated on Lesvos’ southern coast, is a picturesque town renowned for its production of ouzo, a traditional Greek spirit. Set against a backdrop of stunning mountains and surrounded by olive groves, Plomari offers a tranquil retreat. Visit the Ouzo Museum, stroll along the scenic promenade, or explore the narrow streets filled with traditional shops and tavernas.

Best Places to See in Mytilene

1. The Petrified Forest

Located on the western side of Lesvos, the Petrified Forest is a unique natural wonder and a UNESCO Global Geopark. Marvel at the fossilized tree trunks, some dating back 20 million years, and discover the fascinating history behind this ancient forest preserved in stone.

2. Molivos Castle

Climb to the top of Molivos Castle, a medieval fortress perched on a hill overlooking Molyvos, for a breathtaking view of the village, the sea, and the surrounding countryside. This well-preserved castle is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and provides an idyllic setting for sunset photography.

3. The Roman Aqueduct

Explore the remnants of the Roman Aqueduct, an impressive ancient engineering feat located close to Mytilene Town. Admire the arches and imagine the ingenuity behind this water transportation system, which supplied the city with fresh water over centuries ago.

4. Eftalou Beach

Nestled along the northern coast, Eftalou Beach offers a slice of paradise with its serene atmosphere and crystal-clear waters. Relax on the pebbled beach, enjoy a refreshing swim, and rejuvenate your senses in the natural hot springs nearby.

Local Foods to Try

When visiting Mytilene, be sure to indulge in the flavors of the local cuisine:

  • Sardelles Pastes: These spicy fish roe appetizers, often served on crusty bread, are a popular local delight.
  • Ouzo Meze: Enjoy a glass of local ouzo, paired with a variety of small dishes such as olives, feta cheese, and grilled octopus.
  • Loukoumades: Treat yourself to these delicious honey-soaked dough balls, sprinkled with cinnamon or powdered sugar.
  • Lesbos Cheese: Sample the island’s unique cheeses, such as Ladotyri and Mytiliniotiko, known for their distinct flavors.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

The estimated daily cost for travelers in Mytilene is around €80-€100. This estimate includes accommodation, meals at local restaurants, public transportation, and visiting a few attractions. However, keep in mind that costs may vary depending on your preferences and travel style.

Safety Tips for Travelers

  • It is generally safe to travel to Mytilene; however, exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.
  • Stay updated on local weather conditions and heed any advisories or warnings from local authorities.
  • Ensure you have travel insurance that covers medical expenses, including emergency evacuation.
  • Take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and your belongings from pickpockets, particularly in busy tourist areas.
  • Respect local customs and traditions, including appropriate attire when visiting religious sites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is English widely spoken in Mytilene?

While Greek is the official language, many locals in Mytilene, especially those involved in the tourism industry, are proficient in English. You should be able to communicate effectively in most tourist areas.

2. Is it safe to drink tap water in Mytilene?

Yes, tap water in Mytilene is generally safe to drink. However, if you have a sensitive stomach or prefer bottled water, it is readily available in shops and supermarkets.

With its captivating history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Mytilene invites you to dive into the beauty of Greece’s enchanting Lesvos Island. Whether you wander through its charming streets, visit ancient sites, savor local delicacies, or simply embrace the laid-back island vibes, Mytilene promises an unforgettable travel experience.