Wiltz, Luxembourg. Travel, Accommodation and Safety Tips.

Table of Content

  • City Info
  • Best Places to Stay
  • Must see places
  • Local Foods to Try
  • Estimated Travelers Cost
  • Safety Tips for Travelers
  • F.A.Q’s

Discovering Wiltz, Luxembourg: A Charming Oasis in the Heart of Europe

City Info

Nestled in the beautiful Ardennes region of Luxembourg, Wiltz is a picturesque town that offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historic charm. With its idyllic setting surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and meandering rivers, Wiltz is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Despite its small size, the town boasts a rich history dating back to medieval times, evident in its well-preserved castle, quaint streets, and traditional architecture.

Best Locations or Neighborhoods to Stay

1. Wiltz Town Center: Stay in the heart of Wiltz to experience the town’s vibrant atmosphere. The town center offers a range of accommodation options, from cozy guesthouses to modern hotels. Enjoy the convenience of having charming shops, restaurants, and historical sights just steps away.

2. Wiltz Castle: For a truly unique experience, consider staying onsite at the Wiltz Castle. Converted into a hotel, this impressive fortress offers comfortable rooms with stunning views. The castle’s tranquil surroundings and proximity to the town center make it an excellent choice for a peaceful and memorable stay.

3. Esch-Sauer: Located a short drive away from Wiltz, Esch-Sauer is a peaceful neighborhood known for its scenic beauty. Choose from a range of accommodation options, including charming guesthouses and holiday rentals. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and explore the nearby forests, rivers, and nature trails.

4. Weidingen: If you prefer a rural setting, Weidingen is an excellent choice. Situated amidst picturesque countryside, this neighborhood offers a selection of cozy cottages and guesthouses. Immerse yourself in nature and take advantage of the area’s hiking and cycling trails.

Best Places to See

1. Wiltz Castle: Explore the town’s most iconic landmark, the Wiltz Castle. This well-preserved fortress houses the National Museum of Brewing and features beautiful gardens where various events and concerts are held throughout the year.

2. Wiltz Music Festival: If you happen to visit in July, don’t miss the renowned Wiltz Music Festival. Held in the stunning open-air amphitheater within the castle grounds, this festival showcases a wide array of musical performances, attracting artists from around the world.

3. Wiltz Nature Park: Take a peaceful stroll through the Wiltz Nature Park, located just outside the town. This vast green oasis offers numerous walking trails, picnic spots, and beautiful viewpoints. The park is perfect for nature lovers and provides an excellent opportunity to admire local flora and fauna.

4. Saint Maurice Church: Visit the Saint Maurice Church, a charming Romanesque-style church dating back to the 11th century. Marvel at its beautiful stained glass windows, serene atmosphere, and intricate architectural details.

Local Foods to Try

When visiting Wiltz, be sure to indulge in some of these delicious local delights:

1. Bouneschlupp: A traditional Luxembourgish soup made with green beans, carrots, potatoes, and bacon. This hearty dish is a must-try, especially during the colder months.

2. Kachkéis: A Luxembourgish cheese spread made from melted cheese, butter, and cream, often enjoyed on fresh bread or toast. This creamy delicacy is a staple in Luxembourg’s culinary tradition.

3. Quetschentaart: A plum tart made with locally grown plums and a sweet pastry crust. This heavenly dessert offers a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess.

4. Friture de la Moselle: A popular local dish consisting of fresh river fish, usually served fried and accompanied by a side of crispy fries. Enjoy this mouthwatering specialty at one of the town’s cozy restaurants.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

Luxembourg is known for being an affluent country, but exploring Wiltz can still be relatively affordable. On average, budget-conscious travelers can expect to spend around $80-$100 per day. This estimate includes accommodation in a modest guesthouse, meals at local restaurants, public transportation, and entrance fees to attractions. However, costs can vary depending on personal preferences and activities.

Safety Tips for Travelers

Luxembourg, including Wiltz, is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. However, it is always wise to take necessary precautions during your travels. Here are a few safety tips:

1. Keep your belongings secure: Although rare, opportunistic theft can occur. Ensure your valuables are stored safely and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or public transportation.

2. Follow traffic rules: Luxembourg has a well-maintained road network, but it is important to adhere to traffic regulations, especially when driving or cycling.

3. Emergency contacts: Save important numbers, such as the local emergency services (112), your embassy, and your accommodation, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

4. Weather conditions: Be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially if you plan to explore nature trails. Bring appropriate clothing and gear for outdoor activities.


1. Is English widely spoken in Wiltz?
While Luxembourgish is the national language, English is widely spoken in Wiltz, especially in tourist areas. The locals are generally welcoming and accommodating, making communication easy for English-speaking visitors.

2. How far is Wiltz from Luxembourg City?
Wiltz is located approximately 60 kilometers north of Luxembourg City. The journey takes around 45 minutes by car or an hour by train. Both options offer scenic views of the Luxembourgish countryside and are easily accessible.